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Android 17 DBS

Hello.! I bring you a new character … the winner of the universal tournament the only one who raised the cup

Gogeta SSJ4

So I’ve tried to recreate UM-wFs’s never released SSJ4 Gogeta, I think I did a pretty good job. Credits: UM-wFs Team for base SSJ Gogeta Kreshi for Tail and Hair SV for Pants, Boots, Face, Hands, Base Skeleton & Animations Edit & Big Bang Kamehameha Animation by Nemix

Frieza Form 5 (DB Multiverse)

frieza Edited by Nemix

Time Breaker Bardock DBO

bardock Edited by Nemix

Mira DBO

mira Edited by Nemix

Super Pikkon

pikkon Edited by Nemix

Xeno Goku

goku Edited by Nemix

Gohan SSJ4

gohan Edited by Nemix

Beerus & Whis Fusion

fusion Edited by Nemix