Set Powerlevel

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  • descriptionDescription

    this plugin lets you set any powerlevel you want

    just type this in the console

    esf_powerlevel YourName powerlevelnumber, for example:

    esf_powerlevel Nemix 9001

  • speaker_notesInstallation

    copy amxx file to

    Steam steamapps common Half-Life esf core plugins ETC

  • event_noteChangelog

    *UPDATE* 0.3

    -fixed loose transformation powerlevel

    *UPDATE* 0.2

    - made that powerlevel you enter is now your current powerlevel,
    not that its added to your current powerlevel 
    - fixed that you could only give yourself 7 charachter powerlevel - now you can give yourself powerlevel up to 10 charachters powerlevel
    - added cvar to enable/disable powerlevel changer

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