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    Dragonball ESF: The Ultimate ESF Addon Pack

    100+ Characters
    150+ Transformations
    500+ Unique Attacks

    New Sprites
    New Sounds
    New Models
    New Gameplay

    - Half-Life 1/Counter-Strike 1.6
    - ESF 1.2.3
    - ECX RC2
    - ECX Big Pack

    - Launch the Dragonball ESF installer.
    - Select your Half-Life 1/Counter-Strike 1.6 directory to install Dragonball ESF.
    - After successfully installing Dragonball ESF launch HL.exe and select the updated ESF from your mod list to play.

    Before You Play:
    - Build your roster of playable characters by selecting them from the Character AMXX folder.
    - Please choose your playable characters carefully before creating a new server as the Half-Life 1/Counter-Strike 1.6 brush model limit prevents the addition of all 100+ characters.

    I would like to thank Nemix, Matias ESF, Starman, XSlayer and the ESF communities across the world for endless hours of limit-breaking battles.

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